First blog post

I’m a little long winded when it comes to posts. I process through writing. I’m emotionally compartmenalized and this blog is going to help me process and provide a venue, if you will, to share my story (so I don’t have to say it a million times). I really love my life and I think as I share parts of it here you’ll enjoy my life too.

2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Hi Amy! Even with bad news, your writing is so uplifting! I didn’t have to squint or blur out your details of gastric distress, we healthcare workers can’t turm our eyes away from anything normal people find gross or TMI. I’m so happy to read your blog, then your poor mom doesn’t have to repeat herself to so many of us. She is an amazing person and obviously she passed that on to you! (Sorry Tom!!). I’m so sorry this is your burden right now, but you’re right about God and to have faith in His plan! Take care and many of us here at home care are thinking of you, praying for you and your family always!! Xo Alice

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    1. Sweet sister, so thankful you decided on a venue that can keep you from repeating things over and over! So many of us are finding tremendous courage and His Banner of Peace -thanks to your Faith.Full witness. We are reading , sharing, praying and extolling Our God. Love you, Debb

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