So I’ve had four cycles of chemo now, and I’m really doing so well. As in, beyond my expectations well. I’m speaking strictly subjectively here. My off chemo weeks I’m feeling normal. I’m doing WODs, I’m hanging out with friends, I work full days, I have great weekends. Yes I get tired, (I’ve got this weird fatigue thing where I feel almost dizzy and sometimes I almost pass out). But I just want a quick blip to say I’m doing well. Mentally, spiritually, physically, mostly emotionally (chronic pre-existing condition excluded), I’m doing so well. Granted this is off chemo week Amy talking, but still! Some people say, “Oh Crossfit is so good for you!” Other people are like, “You’re so strong! Good for you!” Let’s be real, there’s so many people praying for me. I’m beyond humbled and so grateful! Crossfit and my pre-cancer strength of body and mind can’t produce this. I hate chemo and feel so crappy during my on chemo weeks but I’m still able to do stuff and function beyond expectations. This last cycle I had no diarrhea and only two episodes of moderate “abdominal refer pain to my back I need some meds” pain. So thank you for continuing to support me and pray for me as I head into about four to five more rounds of this craziness. Here’s to shrinking tumors, good immune systems, less side effects, and no weight loss!

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